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  • Golfing for a good cause!

    WWO Canada's 6th annual Charity Golf Classic tournament is on September 21, 2015. Please join us!

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  • Amy Poehler on motherhood, her new book, and Worldwide Orphans

    In an exerpt from her new book recently featured in the Globe and Mail, Amy talks about motherhood, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, and her recent trip to Haiti with Dr. Jane Aronson. Check it out.  

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6th Annual Charity Golf Classic

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On July 18, you can host a party with a purpose!

On Saturday, July 18, join hundreds of people across North America for WWO's 2nd Annual Night of 1000 Dinners! Host a dinner with your friends to raise awareness and raise funds to support Worldwide Orphans. It's easy - just click on the read more link below to register.

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From Dr. Aronson's Blog: Adoption From Abroad - Child Abuse and Extortion of Money From Families

Those of you who have read my blog posts in the past might know about the little girl adopted from abroad who has been waiting for 29 months to come home to the US. She arrived on August 11. Her family went to fetch her and though I have gone abroad to adopt two sweet boys, I will never know the excruciating pain that her family has felt all this time waiting for the adoption to be completed. Even in the last few weeks, there was drama that was hard to fathom. We have international law to thank for all of this. It claims to prevent trafficking, and maybe it does, but it also traps children and families and aids and abets extortion of large sums of money, all the time keeping children prisoners in atrocious settings. Read more.

From Dr. Aronson's Blog: Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) Event and the Power of Imagination

I can't stop thinking about Sunday night, July 26 at UCB in Chelsea. The house was packed for the 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm shows. Supporters of Worldwide Orphans had bought tickets when they first went on sale and then by the end of the second day, all the tickets were sold out by the devoted followers of Amy Poehler and her awesome monologists who are simply brilliant, awesome and hilarious. Read more.

The Birth of Altruism in Haiti

Filmmaker, Christian Schneider traveled with WWO founder and CEO, Dr. Jane Aronson, to Kenscoff, Haiti in September to create the annual gala video. Dr. Jane spoke with WWO staff at the orphanages to learn about their experiences working with orphans and their transformed outlooks on life.