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    A sincere THANK-YOU to all the participants of our 6th Annual Charity Golf Classic.

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  • Amy Poehler on motherhood, her new book, and Worldwide Orphans

    In an exerpt from her new book recently featured in the Globe and Mail, Amy talks about motherhood, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, and her recent trip to Haiti with Dr. Jane Aronson. Check it out.  

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From Dr. Aronson's Blog: The Murder of a Teen Girl in Chicago - Play for Peace Revolution

I was in Chicago on Monday, May 16 to pitch our Element of Play (EOP) for implementation in the most violent and impoverished communities in the Chicago Public Library system which has 80 branches. Chicago Public Library is the most innovative library system in the US. They are role models for educational programs for vulnerable and at-risk children living in poverty. Read more.

From Dr. Aronson's Blog: The Haiti I Love and Revere - Part 3

We brought the Hokey Pokey to Haiti today....and so much more.

There was a bad rainstorm in Haiti today and we couldn’t hike up the mountain to Furcy. In lieu of this hike, we went to toy library and fetched the kids from the tent village. When we reached toy library there were no kids there and the staff told us that the kids were not going to show up because no one goes out in the rain. I decided that we should go to the tent village and pick the kids up ourselves. I wanted to show them that we were there for them and that they could come out even if it was raining. So we walked there and found the kids in each of their little tent homes and brought them back. Within a half hour more kids poured into the toy library and the room was packed. Read more.

The Birth of Altruism in Haiti

Filmmaker, Christian Schneider traveled with WWO founder and CEO, Dr. Jane Aronson, to Kenscoff, Haiti in September to create the annual gala video. Dr. Jane spoke with WWO staff at the orphanages to learn about their experiences working with orphans and their transformed outlooks on life.